Family Bible Institute (FBI) is an in-house Bible Institute here at MLBC. It consists of Sunday and Wednesday night services and generally lasts 1-1 ½ hours. FBI is an opportunity for people to go deeper in the Word of God. Some classes are academic and others are Christian-life based. All of our classes will offer you a greater understanding of Scripture and will challenge you to go further in your walk with God. Each class is worth 3 credits. You must attend at least 80 percent of the classes to receive credit. After the completion of 3 courses; you can be inducted into the FBI.

You are invited to sign up for a class that interests you. For those of you who desire to progress through the FBI, you can ultimately earn the Adult Certification in Biblical Studies, which is our in-house Associates Degree in Bible. The classes will either be held in a classroom setting or in a small group format depending on the nature of each course. The goal is for all of our classes to challenge and stretch you, but since you are not required to write papers or take exams, they are not burdensome. Each course lasts 6-12 weeks.